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Ask the Expert - Thermal Management

Effective thermal management of electronic components and devices ensures top performance and delivers increased product reliability. There are different methods and a wide range of materials to call upon for thermal management. In this Ask the Expert with Würth Elektronik we explore these and explain their differences and how adopting a one size fits all approach could have you counting up the cost of component failure.

Sebastian Mirasol

Product Manager for EMC Shielding & Thermal Materials 

Würth Elektronik Group

Sebastian Mirasol - Wurth Elektronik

A little insight into our guest expert.

Sebastian's interest in Engineering started from a very young age, being raised in Somerset surrounded by great Victorian Engineering marvels sparked an interest that accompanies him to this day. Being a millennial and having the chance to participate in the next industrial revolution, his interest shifted to a more Software / Hardware perspective. Although his background is in software development and signal processing, the Maker movement opened the door to discovering new fields such as mechanical and electronic design. All these experiences lead to Sebastian becoming a Product Manager for Würth Elektronik eiSos, where he develops products and helps customers to find solutions related to the Thermal Management of their designs.

Favourite things are Family, Music and Judo. Also, I have the ability to retain and quote useless facts, something that pleases me but can annoy others. My engineering hero - Isambard Kingdom Brunel