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Ask the Expert - Power design tools with Maxim

Efficient and effective power design is a goal for all projects and applications. Engineers need to ensure that the power circuit they are designing works as intended and performs to the characteristics and conditions of the equipment within which they are contained.

We invited Ben Lampe from Maxim Integrated to learn more about the technical aspects for good power design, plus, how the award-winning Maxim EE-Sim® simulation tools can help engineers to quickly and accurately simulate their circuit designs, thus reducing design time whilst achieving the perfect power circuit for their applications.

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  1. What steps should an engineer take to ensure they are rewarded with a working power design at the end of their efforts? Answer
  2. What's the best first step to take? Answer
  3. What are the key simulations to run within the tool? Answer
  4. What details should a designer look out for to get the most accurate simulations? Answer
  5. Can show an example of what the tool looks like? Answer
  6. Once a designer is satisfied with their simulations, how can they be sure the physical board will give them the same performance? Answer
  7. What kinds of measurements should an engineer take on a power supply? Answer
  8. What are some of the common measurement mistakes users can make? Answer
  9. What is the best way to correlate the bench measurements with the simulations? Answer

You can learn more about how to download and use the Maxim EE-Sim Oasis simulation tool in the following links.

EE-Sim Oasis simulator download - Free offline Analog Simulator Including SIMPLIS

EE-Sim Design and simulation tool

How to Get Started Using the EE-Sim® OASIS Simulation Tool to Accurately Simulate Your Circuit Designs

Why Simplis is Better than Spice for Power Circuits

Also, see the attached documents for further information.

EE SIM Oasis Maxim

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