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Ask the Expert - Motor Control with STMicroelectronics


Motor control is the topic for this edition of Ask the Expert.

We are delighted to have lined up Francesca Sandrini and Branimir Ivetic from STMicroelectronics to join us for a topical discussion on the applications of IC motor control, during which we hear about their impressive STSPIN range and support ecosystem.

In Part 1 we discuss power efficiency, applications, reference designs and the benefits of an integrated solution.

In Part 2 we discuss the use of STSPIN for industrial battery-powered solutions, power range, safety integrity, diagnostics capabilities and tools for development.

Francesca Sandrini, Technical Marketing Manager.

Francesca Sandrini is responsible for the development of gate drivers and motor control applications for the European market. She has over 20+ years of experience in new silicon technologies for the industrial market, specialising in analogue and power. For the last three years, she has been focusing on motor control solutions for industrial applications. 

Branimir Ivetic, Product Marketing Manager.

Branimir graduated in electronics engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2003 and after 10 years spent in ST Technology R&D department, he moved to the product marketing team of ST Industrial and Power Conversion division. He currently holds the position of product marketing manager for ST industrial motor drivers portfolio, with products roadmap and WW business development responsibilities.

Click the image to find out more about the EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 mentioned in this interview.



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