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Ask the Expert - Motor Control Panels with Siemens

In this edition of Ask the Expert, we turn our attention towards the industrial control cabinet and discuss motor control and protection with Siemens.

In this episode, we look at why it's important for panel builders to select quality products and how Siemens provide control panel solutions.

This edition of Ask the Expert was brought to you by DesignSpark and Allied Electronics and Automation where you can view more expert content. 

John Burns is currently in the Circuit Protection & Controls Group (CP&C) as a Target Market Manager and the Manager of the Application Resource Center in the US. His group focuses on a solutions approach rather than a product approach to customers applications. During his 20+ years with Siemens, he has held roles in Product Management and Business Development. Additionally, he has over 10 years of previous experience as a System Application Engineer.

John is a TUV certified Functional Safety Expert and PROFIBUS Engineer.

John Burns - Siemens

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