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Ask the Expert - Motor control development with Renesas

In this edition of Ask the Expert, we pick up again with Renesas to discuss motor control development and take a further look at their successful Winning Combinations program that provides engineers with complete solutions.

Renesas Winning Combos allow engineers to design and develop applications. Take look at their EU068 Winning Combo for Motor Control.


High-speed inductive position sensors.

These are replacing magnetic position sensors as the standard choice for motor applications. You can discover more about these and learn about the Renesas IPS2 range of inductive position sensors and development kits at  Renesas. Or first view this video for an overview of how IPS improves motor control applications.

You can view featured products from this interview below, or visit RS and search Renesas to view our complete range.

MPN Description RS Stock number
HIP2103FRTAAZ-T7A Half Bridge Driver (121-7246)
HIP2210EVAL1Z HIP2210 Half Bridge Evaluation Kit (250-6589)
HIP2210FRTZ-T7A High-Frequency Half-Bridge NMOS FET Driver (250-6591)
HIP2211EVAL2Z HIP2211 Half Bridge Evaluation Kit (201-3365)
HIP2211FRTZ-T7A High-Frequency Half-Bridge NMOS FET Driver (201-3370)
HIP4086ABZ 3-phase N-channel MOSFET Driver (921-5775)
IPS2200BI1W Magnet-Free Inductive Position Sensor (250-3773)
IPS2200STKIT IPS2200 Inductive Position Sensing Evaluation Kit (250-3774)
RAA2270634GNP#MA0 Smart Gate Driver IC for 3-Phase Brushless DC Motors (238-9371)
RAJ306010GNP#AAN Motor Control IC For Three Phase Brushless DC Motors (234-7909)
RTK0EML2C0S01020BJ RAJ306010 Motor Control Evaluation Kit (234-7911)
RTKA227063DE0000BU 3 Phase Motor Drive for RAA227063 Evaluation Kit (238-9372)


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