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Ask the Expert - IIoT and Industry 4.0 with Molex

In this edition of Ask the Expert, we invited Dave Pike aka Connector Geek to be our interviewer in-chief. Since we were talking with Molex, we thought it would be great to have two connector experts join us for one episode. 

The conversation with Dean Donnelly from Molex truly delivers an in-depth perspective from one of the worlds leading manufacturers. During the talk, Dave and Dean look at some of the key drivers that are moving IIoT and Industry 4.0 forward. With past experience, current analysis and creative analogies, this has to be one of the most refreshing discussions on IIoT and Industry 4.0.


Speaker bio's

Dean Donnelly


Dean Donnelly is the Global Business Development Manager at Molex. He has been involved in the evolution of Industrial Robotic and Controls transitions in Industrial Networks and integrated functional safety for more than 25 years. Helping to define needs and transitions in the 4th Industrial evolution.

Dave Pike


Dave Pike aka Connector Geek has spent nearly 30 years in the electromechanical industry, working with leading names from both the manufacturing and distribution sectors.  He is well known across the industry for my passion and general geekiness. You can find out more about or contact Connector Geek here.


Favourite things are Family, Music and Judo. Also, I have the ability to retain and quote useless facts, something that pleases me but can annoy others. My engineering hero - Isambard Kingdom Brunel
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