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11 Oct 2019, 7:35

Ask the Expert - focus on MEMS sensors for Predictive Maintenance

In this Ask the Expert we have Andrea Onetti General Manager the MEMS Sensors Division at STMicroelectronics.

This is your chance to engage with an industry expert and discover more about MEMS sensors, their use in applications and various industry segments.

Are you interested in new applications and discovering more about Predictive Maintenance, AI, Machine Learning and how MEMS can offer you solutions? Perhaps you want to understand more about specific applications, like environmental or automotive, or do you have an application in mind, but are unsure which products you need and how would you integrate them? 

If so, this edition of Ask the Expert is for you. Perhaps you have a more specific question such as;

  • How do I monitor my machines more effectively using MEMS?
  • Can I integrate sensor fusion with MEMS and how would I do this to improve performance? 
  • What are the new emerging applications beyond Smartphones?
  • How can I use MEMS for environmental monitoring?
  • What is new in terms of market trends and industry segmentation?
  • What does the STMicroelectronics MEMS offer cover? What can be measured?
  • Which tools and services are available from ST Microelectronics to support MEMS?
  • Where is this technology moving, what are future developments?
  • Why are there separate products for Consumer & Industrial MEMS?

All these and more can be covered during this edition of Ask the Expert.

To view questions asked so far please open the attachment below.

Simply post your questions below by 25th October and we'll present these to Andrea in our next edition of Ask the Expert, stay tuned for answers.

Andrea Onetti


Andrea Onetti joined STMicroelectronics as an IC designer in 1990. He later moved to Product Management and became a Division Manager responsible for the Company’s Audio products. Onetti‘s mandate was subsequently expanded to include Low-Power Analog and RF devices, and in 2016 he was appointed General Manager of ST’s MEMS Sensors Division, covering the broad portfolio of accelerometers, gyroscopes, digital compasses, inertial modules, pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors, and microphones. Andrea Onetti was born in Pavia, Italy, in 1965, and graduated with a Degree in Microelectronics from University of Pavia. He filed several patents for analogue circuit implementations in the Audio domain.


MEMES Sensors Questions

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11 Oct 2019, 7:35