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Ask the Expert - Fluke ScopeMeters for industrial field use

Since its launch, the Fluke ScopeMeter has set the standard for industrial Test and Measurement. It brings more functionality to the engineer on the industrial front line. A Scopemeter is able to make detailed complex measurements as it helps engineers validate, evaluate and fault-find installations. More functional than a multimeter the ScopeMeter brings a sense of the laboratory to industrial field environments, bringing with it greater clarity and pinpoint accuracy that most lab technicians would envy.

Here we learn more about the range and the applications that users can associate with the Fluke ScopeMeter.

Today's expert was Eric van Riet

Eric is the Strategic Support & Training Manager - managing the Application & Technology Team, LMS Admin and support platforms at Fluke Europe BV.


View our featured ScopeMeters below or head over to RS or Allied and search Scopemeter to see the full range.

Visit Fluke to learn more on ScopeMeters.


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