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Ask the Expert - Condition Monitoring with Omron

In this edition of Ask the Expert, we were joined by Omron's David Breckell a Panel Solutions Specialist to discuss condition monitoring. There are many areas within industries that rely on condition monitoring to ensure that plant and machine downtime are mitigated. Here we find out more about the difference between Preventative and Predicative Maintenance and also discover how Omron products allow users to retrofit modern solutions for condition monitoring.

Using condition monitoring effectively allows for robust Predictive Maintenance strategies to be deployed. In this episode, we pick up on two areas of focus with David, first we cover the workhorse of many industries, the motor and then something that can often be overlooked, the control panel, where we discover Omron's 24/7 solution for monitoring.

The K6CM motor protection units.

K6CM Motor protection units

Model Number RS Stock number
K6CM-CIMD-EIP RS (174-9981)
K6CM-VBMD-EIP RS (174-9982)
K6CM-ISMD-EIP RS (174-9983)
K6CM-CI2MD-EIP RS (239-4413)

Thermal condition monitoring devices K6PM-TH

Control Panels thermal monitoring devices

Model Number Description RS Stock number
K6PM-THS3232 IR Panel Sensor RS (215-4030)
K6PM-THMD-EIP Panel Controller RS (215-4029)

The S8VK-X Switch mode power supply is a small power supply with communication abilities. The space-saving design allows you to mount power supplies side by side replacing standard power supplies.

S8VK Power supplies

Power rating Output voltage Output current Max Boost Current Indication monitor Model number RS stock number
90W 24V 3.75A ---- Yes S8VK-X09024A-EIP (174-5844)
120W 24V 5A 6A Yes S8VK-X12024A-EIP (174-5845)
240W 24V 10A 15A Yes S8VK-X24024A-EIP (174-5837)
480W 24V 20A 30A Yes S8VK-X48024A-EIP (174-5840)
30W 5V 5A *1 6A No S8VK-X03005-EIP (174-5841)
60W 12V 4.5A *2 5.4A No S8VK-X06012-EIP (174-5846)
60W 24V 2.5A 3A No S8VK-X06024-EIP (174-5838)
90W 24V 3.75A ---- No S8VK-X09024-EIP (174-5842)
120W 24V 5A 6A No S8VK-X12024-EIP (174-5839)
240W 24V 10A 15A No S8VK-X24024-EIP (174-5843)
480W 24V 20A 30A No S8VK-X48024-EIP (174-5836)

Input voltage 100 to 240 VAC (allowable range 85 to 264 VAC, 90 to 350 VDC).
*1. Output power is 25 W at rated output current.
*2. Output power is 54 W at rated output current


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