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An Introduction To STEM Engagement

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is all around us and communicating what we do as engineers is a powerful tool to interest and attract more people to our field and the work we do. By doing this we make science and engineering more accessible to the public and also (hopefully) inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. In this workshop, we cover why STEM engagement matters, how to engage people and give some practical tips for engagement, as well as some handy next steps you can take as soon as you have finished watching the video.

We look at why this work is important and the different forms engineering engagement can take. Hopefully, it gets you thinking about how you might do your own STEM engagement and how to maximise your efforts to benefit your audience and your objectives.

If you have any questions around any of the things we have discussed in the video then please feel free to leave us a message here and we will get back to you!

Happy Inventing,

Ruth & Shawn

Who are Ruth & Shawn?

They run 'Kids Invent Stuff', an engineering engagement project centred around the YouTube channel of the same name ( Find out more about what they do at

Hey! We are 'Kids Invent Stuff', a youtube channel that brings to life kids' invention ideas. Run by Ruth Amos & Shawn Brown, we set a different invention challenge each month and 5-11 year olds submit their invention ideas at as picture or videos. We then choose an invention to bring to life and film the process of building and testing it. We then upload the videos to our channel