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Air quality and welding



I'm working with robots and welding equipment. This equipment produces welding fumes which are removed with exhaust systems. An additional sensor network in the factory can be an interesting addition to collect more data and get a better understanding of the final results. Perhaps it is possible to use the data to control the exhaust systems better which will result in lower use of energy. I received the air quality system couple of weeks ago, have it up and running this weekend. For me the most important topic is, that it is possible to collect data but what is the question? The display in my house showed an orange square immediately and I opened a window fast. Should we run out of our house when the squares are red and the virtual Co2 canary dies? Looking forward to test the The DesignSpark Air Quality Dashboard and try to find a couple of good questions that the dashboard can answer.


Effect of opening the window to reduce Co2

Co2 down

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