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AI creates new music classics for old artists

Anyone who knows me will testify that I like to observe technology and talk about music. I am the middle-aged guy who plays guitar to an audience of one, that's right, I'm the commonly known bedroom session man.

After years and years of trying to understand the instrument let alone play it well, it seems that I may have another route to creating the material that the masses would like to hear. It seems all I needed to do was wait for the technology to catch up. I could even create new classics from artists past and present.

Being a frustrated sub-par student of the guitar, I like to follow people who are experts in music. Particularly people who can understand it, explain it, and break down its building blocks. Rick Beato is one such person, and in this video from his YouTube channel, he takes a look at how AI may be about to change the music industry. If like me, you enjoy tech and music you'll appreciate what Rick has to say on this.

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AI - what else? 

In recent months people have been putting AI platforms like OpenAI to use. ChatGPT, unless you have been living under a rock is probably the most common example of AI that the masses have used. In its wake, I have read and viewed various articles and videos about how AI will revolutionalise many established industries.

Only last week I was researching suitable stock imagery for a project I was working on. In the process, I came across a video on YouTube about how AI may call time on this industry. 

For example how many times have you compromised on an image simply because it's the one that fits best? With AI you can describe the image you want and the AI will provide results, then refine from the results and carry on till you have the image you want, no more scrolling through endless pages to get an image that nearly matches. The value could then come from the word string rather than the image itself, interesting? If I was an artist or photographer relying on stock imagery for income, I'd be rather nervous and would be keeping a close eye on this. What other industries lie in the wake of AI, what do you think? Comments below.

Also, if you are looking to get an AI project started, head over to OKdo and check out their Nvidia products.


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