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Advice regarding CE Marking and Self-Certification


Hello All,

Electronic product compliance is a topic that has baffled me for years. I have spoken to seasoned engineers and reputable test houses, but I have yet to get a definitive answer regarding when it is acceptable to conduct self-certification on electronic products you intend to sell.

The requirements for CE directives like EMC seem especially vague and while test houses are more knowledgeable, they are obviously unlikely to suggest anything that does not involve their services in some capacity which ultimately affects the feasibility of small-scale electronics manufacture.

I have heard that observing best-practices and conducting due-diligence may be enough for the vast majority of low-risk products, so would it be sufficient enough to do this for something simple like a flashlight, and then place a CE sticker on the box? I’ve also noticed you can even buy products that actively state they are not CE marked!

It’s clear as mud, so I thought it would be interesting to hear the experiences of anyone who has successfully navigated this process and their policies regarding CE marking, self-certification and when you would actually need certified testing?