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A small gotcha


First the good:  The kit arrived and by following the video from Jude I was able to put it all together without much in the way of drama.  However I learned a couple of things along the way that I thought might help others:

1.  The video suggests opening out the holes for the brass inserts with  4mm drill.  Maybe my hands are shaky or my drill was out of spec (verniers confirmed it to be 4mm) but the holes were too big for the insert.  I used a 3.5mm bit which resulted in a snug fit.

2.  The software doesn't appear to start up properly without a network connection.  For the initial start-up, just connect it via Ethernet, and then ssh into the machine (it's not hard to guess the password, so you probably should change it) and set up your WiFi.  With that done, everything springs to life nicely

3.  My project will be operating unattended, so I am going to change the default password to something more challenging, then use shared ssh keys for the login.  I would strongly suggest you do the same, or make sure it can't be reached easily. (better if you do both really)


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