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A context-appropriate oxygen concentrator for low-income countries

This project aims to improve the suitability of oxygen concentrators for low-income countries to ensure reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions, limited and unreliable infrastructure, and limited access to spare parts for maintenance.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 SIP 24L Air Compressor, 8bar, 19.5kg 136-7574
1 Arduino, Mega 2560 Rev 3 715-4084
1 EPCOS B57703M0103G040 Thermistor 10kΩ, 8.5 x 6.5 x 17.5mm 706-2743
1 NXP MPX5700DP, PCB Mount Differential Pressure Sensor, 6-Pin 719-1119
I'm a final year Manufacturing Engineering student and I spend most of my time on design and manufacturing projects for international development and disaster response.
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