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CAT7A Connection Modules

A Class FA / CAT7A connection module that can be installed easily.

What happens when one or more cables are damaged when re-laying or you find out that they are too short for the new plans? An efficient, space-saving connection module solves the problem economically while saving the engineer cost-intensive and time-consuming re-cabling.


Extensions – Rerouting – Repairing

The connection module VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA IP67 offers transmission properties up to Class FA acc. To SO/IEC 11801 and is suitable for installation and patch cables with 8 wires. Shielded and unshielded cables with solid and stranded conductors of AWG27-22 type and an outer diameter of 5.5 - 9.0mm can be connected with the VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA IP67. Due to its compact shape, the connection module is suitable for use in confined spaces.

Assembly of the VM-Pro 8-8 Class  FA IP67 connection module requires no special tools and is completed in a few steps. The mechanical stability, the insulated structure and the protection against external influences enable the versatile use of the VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA (1000 MHz) IP67 for laying and repairing cables in building, residential and industrial buildings cabling.

The IP67 connection module is shielded, insulated by the plastic screw glands, safe from manipulation and enables reliable strain relief. As a result of our R&D department’s fine design, we can now solve the issue of extending, rerouting & repairing data cables with peace of mind.

In the field

The VM 8-8 modules Cat.7A  are applied as connections/extensions of commercially available, shielded/unshielded twisted-pair installation cables (Cat.5e/Cat.6/Cat.6A/Cat.7/ Cat.7A) in the following applications: damaged cables, cable extensions, cable rerouting.

When VM 8-8 Cat.7A modules are used, the cable segments in a structured wiring system do not need to be laid out again. This reduces the expenses for alterations and the overall costs to a minimum. Depending on the connection module type, up to 12 incoming and 12 outgoing 8-wire cables can be permanently connected together without any significant reduction in the transmission characteristics or any limitation of the maximum link lengths.

How not to join data cables. How to join data cables the Telegärtner way.

Single or in Bundles

The times when bulky components took up a lot of space for cable extensions are over. Now, space-saving versions are available with a slim design which allows not only single cables but also whole bundles to be extended without problems. Versions for 19" installation in rugged wall-mounted housings and with mounting rail adapters for fitting onto DIN rails are also available, for example, in electrical distributors.

VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA IP67 J80060A0000 (878-7386)


Multi 6x VM 8-8 Cat.7J00060A0071 (765-3711)


Multi 12x VM 8-8 Cat.7A  J00060A0072 (765-3718)


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