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A CAD Journey: A student's perspective

DesignSpark's CAD Journey: A student's perspective

by Donna Ravn Bulay Jessen

Currently a machine joiner student at Roskilde Technical College, Denmark

When I embarked on my machine joinery education back in 2021, DesignSpark was the first CAD program I learned to use. In our school, the teachers primarily provided guidance with AutoCAD or SolidWorks, leaving those of us who opted for alternative drawing programs to navigate on our own.

Consequently, I shifted to SolidWorks. Despite its reputation as a robust CAD program, it proved too advanced for my immediate needs. Additionally, I encountered difficulties with the hatching feature while preparing my drawing sheet for project submissions.

Striving for perfection in my work, I realized the importance of mastering the right tools from the start. I explored various CAD programs, and although many offered impressive features, DesignSpark stood out as the ideal choice for my projects and future plans. While numerous CAD programs I experimented with were free and offered features I admired, the free version of DesignSpark didn't fully meet my needs. Thus, I decided to subscribe to access the comprehensive features required for my CAD drawings.

I enthusiastically recommend DesignSpark to my classmates, yet the subscription cost remains a significant deterrent for many of them. Despite this, I firmly believe that the investment in DesignSpark's subscription is worthwhile for anyone serious about mastering CAD for machine joinery and other design applications.

The photos below are of the actual project, I have drawn these using DesignSpark Mechanical.

Basic course #1: Bedside Table Stand

beside table stand

FN Globe (displayed during the UNGDOMS FOLKEMØDE 2021)

FN Globe

Main Course # 1 Project: Kitchen Cabinet with Drawers

kitchen cabinet

Main Course # 2 Project : Sideboard Furniture

sideboard furniture

Main course #3 Project: Window

main course project window

Main course #4 Project: Dining Chair

dining chair

I'm a digital marketing expert interested in electronics, engineering and sustainable product design. I work for DesignSpark in German speaking countries.