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3D Printing Service provider 3dhane is located in Ankara / TURKEY

3dhane is capable of print utilising Fdm (20 pieces) - DLP with a build volume of 30-30-45 cmmm

ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU and PC can be utilised as the print materials for 3D Printing by 3dhane whilst they are capable of "sandpaper application - painting" finishing techniques

The service provider also offers a range of additional value add services including design services

The oldest 3D printing company located in capital of Turkey. We have 20 fdm machines and providing a printing farm to our customers. We have many industrial designers who are capable of satisfying the needs of our customers. Our motto is "just dream of it, let us take care of it".

Languages spoken include: English and Turkish

The link below will take you to 3dhane, where 3dhane’s terms and policies will apply

Go To 3dhane website

Contact Details

Telephone: via whatsapp: 00903122120024

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