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Modeling in Design Spark for 3D printing

Hello Everyone, I've been using Sketchup PRO for 3D printing and after discussing with a co-worker, he told me parametric modeling is much better for mechanical designs and so the hunt for a good software began. 

What's your take on using Design Spark Mechanical for 3D printing, is it useful? Lots left to desire or how is it?

I'm going to install it and try it out but before I put too much time into it, I just wanted to ask.

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November 15, 2019 09:20

It is basically the same as Sketchup. DSM is a lot better.

Sketchup creates 'Meshes' (faces with a hollow interior) these can have unwanted internal geometry and faces on top of faces or faces that are inside out.

DesignSpark Is created in the same way as a Sketchup model you draw a sketch on a plane and 'Pull' the surface into 3D making a solid, that has no inside. You can also 'Pull' the edges to make a 'Chamfer or Round'. When you save as an STL file there are options on the 'resolution' of the model. The more triangles, the smoother the model.

DSM will read and write Sketchup files. Just save them in the version of Sketchup that you use. From V3 up to V 2018. They will be imported as 'Mesh' files but they can be made into solids.

I would recommend that you follow the tutorials here

DesignSpark Electrical Logolinkedin