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360 degree swing - Urban myth or not?

Popular BBC science show Bang Goes the Theory is designed to stimulate interest in technology and engineering, the show's tag line is to 'Discover and challenge the scientific principles that shape your world'.

In order to do this they chose to test if the childhood story of someone being pushed all the way up and over 360 degrees on a park swing was possible, or an urban myth.

Helping to make the water powered jet pack work reliably in the experiment was a crucial piece of technology from solenoid valve specialist Bürkert.

Check out the video!


Passionate about marketing and engineering!

9 Jan 2017, 13:51


Professor Bean

November 3, 2017 15:54

I witnessed a person do a complete loop on a swing in my local park as a young boy, it involved a person sitting on the swing as normal and another standing on it facing the victim. They would build up the momentum and when the time came give an almighty kick and leap free and send the loon in the seat over the bar. This was called 'The Nightmare'. The chap did fall-off and mangle himself on the concrete, but there you go.

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November 3, 2017 15:54

The forklift seems to be pulling him back with a very small piece of string. I can't tell if this guy is brave or nuts!!!

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