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Cord-retention safeguard for IEC appliance couplers

When it comes to medical analysis, diagnosis or laboratory equipment, portable instruments, professional A/V applications or equipment in the foodstuffs industry, the loss of power can have serious consequences. With the V-Lock system, SCHURTER offers a simple, attractive alternative.


Especially with electrical equipment that can be moved while in operation, there is the danger that the power cord can be unintentionally pulled out of the unit. Plug-retention safeguards can prevent this. Conventional plug-retention systems consist of safety brackets mounted on the power plug. Depending on the type of equipment and because of the many types and shapes of power sockets they have, it is important to select the correct bracket shape. With the V-Lock system, SCHURTER offers a simple, attractive alternative. With V-Lock, the power connector is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a special notch in the inlet on the power cord and thus reliably prevents the cord from being pulled out unintentionally. The advantage of this scheme is that no clamping system specific to a unit’s power inlet or retaining bracket must be adapted and attached.


The lock is released by pressing a finger on the disengaging lever. This lever is easily identified due to its bright yellow color, a feature that also distinguishes this scheme from conventional pluggable power supply systems. The extraction force is at least 200 N. A variety of inlet and outlet types, Power Entry Modules and numerous country-specific power cords are available with this feature. The V-Lock locking system can be integrated into power couplings in compliance with IEC 60320 for 10 A and 16 A.


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