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IHS announce PHYTOFY© RL from OSRAM

Osram PHYTOFY© RL is a tunable LED lighting research tool for horticulture and other R&D applications. This new LED horticultural lighting system has been designed and developed to allow growers and researchers to produce light combinations and sequences. It allows for real-time control of each of its six individual channels, making it ideal for the study and expansion of LED light recipes.


Light directly influences plant growth; LEDs can simulate and supplement natural light which helps to enhance the growth and development of plants throughout their life cycle. PHYTOFY© RL is the perfect solution when developing plant-specific light recipes. It enables users to improve a plant’s flavour and nutritional profile while increasing yields and shortening growth cycles, all without genetic manipulation.

PHYTOFY© RL has been developed with a compact and tough form factor, making it ideal for growth chambers, racks and vertical farms. Used by growers, universities, research institutes, and biotech companies, PHYTOFY© RL covers all wavelengths from supplementary UV light, up to far-red, end of daylight.

Please see the following PHYTOFY© RL video tutorial from OSRAM:

The spectrum can be altered with the software that has been specifically developed to work around the needs of the plant, whether this is supplementing sunlight or adding missing wavelengths. The software allows the end-user to create custom LED mixtures that can be programmed to run at certain times of the day. Should users then wish to add in more blue or green, the software allows for sudden changes in the recipe. The software can also generate heat maps based on LED layouts which can analyse the total photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) over a certain area.


  • Product Benefits:

    • Tunable LED system with six individual channels
    • The variable spectra can be used for far-red end-of-day light, UV light supplementation, night-interruption, etc.
    • Advanced software designed with plant biologists, to schedule different light treatments throughout photoperiod and/or plant life cycle
    • Precise irradiance map, calculated by the software – no quantum flux measurements required
    • Thin and robust form factor, ideal for growth chambers, racks and vertical farm operations
    • Perfect choice for developing light recipes, allowing growers and researchers to improve flavour, nutrition profile and overall production.


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