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Cypress F-RAM (Ferroelectric RAM) Nonvolatile Memory Enables High Endurance, Fast Write Speeds, and Low Power Consumption in Power Metering Systems



Cypress F-RAM (Ferroelectric RAM) combines nonvolatile data storage with the high performance of RAM

Cypress F-RAM provides fast writes at full interface speed. F-RAM does not have any write delays and in addition, data is instantly nonvolatile. Traditional nonvolatile memories have delays of 5 or more milliseconds before data becomes nonvolatile, and pending data is lost with a power interruption unless the system has a mechanism to stay on until data is safely stored.

F-RAM offers virtually unlimited endurance and low power consumption. F-RAM can support up to 100 trillion read/write cycles while traditional nonvolatile memories typically have less than 1 million cycle endurance. Furthermore, F-RAM consumes as low as 300 µA active and 6 µA standby current. Because of fast write speeds, F-RAM stays active for short periods of time, using very little power.

Cypress F-RAM Enables Power Metering Systems

One application that Cypress F-RAMs excel at are power metering systems. High endurance, fast writes, and low energy consumption features contribute to the rapid adoption of F-RAMs in this space. More and more data needs to be stored in next generation applications, and that trend is driving F-RAM adoption. Common metering systems where F-RAMs excel are smart electricity meters, water meters, and gas meters.

Please watch the video below and the attached F-RAM Technology White Paper to learn more! Cypress F-RAM is now available at RS-Components.

Matthew received both his undergraduate and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Santa Clara University. Matthew now runs Global Distribution Marketing at Cypress in San Jose, CA. Cypress is the global supplier of choice for innovative companies in high-growth markets. Our commitment is to provide high quality, value-driven embedded solutions on time with world-class support. We are committed to the success of our customers, employees, and shareholders.

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May 16, 2017 12:53

Come, come, you are not seriously suggesting an FRAM chip will last 190 million years! I was ready to forgive that hyperbole when it was just dramatising the difference in write endurance but when you then go on to express it in terms of geological time we are straying well into alt-fact territory! What you are saying I think is that like RAM the lifetime of the chip is not constrained by write frequency, which is impressive enough! It would be more interesting to know (without the hyperbole) how long the chip is guaranteed to retain data without power.

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