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Build and Program a Braccio Robot

Mark completed his Electronic Engineering degree in 1991 and worked in real-time digital signal processing applications engineering for a number of years, before moving into technical marketing.


February 4, 2019 10:41

We at Makerspace Ringebu in Norway bought us a Braccio. In the code i got from Github there are some links to other sites or examples. When I use the links I come to site but I cannot find anything on Braccio on the Arduino site. Or is there something I missed? Braccio is not a new product so maybe not supported by Arduino anymore. Somebody some can enlighten me before we at Makerspace buy more Braccio's?

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February 5, 2019 16:42

@MarcellinusPetrusVanDerVelpen Thanks for your feedback. I have been in contact with the folks at Arduino and they have told me that the Braccio is fully supported. As the Braccio was originally supported on the web site, it may be that some links and/or some pages could have been removed or deleted when the content was migrated to - they have told me that they will investigate these missing links. You should be fine to continue buying more Braccios.

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