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Banksy Shredder Frame - Version LR1

Recently, Banksy shred one of his artworks - just as it sold at auction for over a £1million. People wanted to know why and what it meant. I wanted to know how. So I made my own versions. This is version 1 - using a commercially available shredder.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 Picture Frame A4
1 Picture Frame A5
1 Wooden Box
1 Inverter,quasi,UK,12Vdc/230Vac,300W 735-0715
1 Battery,rechargeable,sealed,lead acid,UPS,12V,5Ah 320-4508
1 Yuasa Lead Acid Battery Charger, with UK Plug 533-6821
1 A4 strip cut shredder
1 Wireless remote control socket / "Bye Bye Standby"
1 Ikea Knagglig Pine Box 23 x 31 x 15 cm
I am an inventor, engineer, writer and presenter. Other stuff: Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Engineering: Creativity and Communication at Brunel University London; Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and have a PhD in bubbles; Judge on BBC Robot Wars.

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