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Clicker 2 for PSoC 6 Available Soon – only from RS-Components!


Cypress, MikroElektronika, and RS-Components have come together to deliver a joint solution enabling faster IoT device development: The Clicker 2 for PSoC 6. Available exclusively through RS-Components in March 2018!

The PSoC 6 MCU bridges the gap between expensive, power-hungry application processors and low-performance MCUs, delivering advanced compute performance for energy-conscious devices like IoT endpoints or other small battery-powered objects. Its dual-core architecture combines an Arm® Cortex®-M4 and an Arm Cortex-M0+ on the same chip. For more info on PSoC 6, please click here.

Developers worldwide can now quickly bring their next IoT idea to life with MikroElektronika’s Clicker 2 for PSoC 6 – the most powerful and only Clicker 2 Dev Board with built-in wireless connectivity. This marks Cypress’ introduction into the flourishing MikroElektronika click board community.

Featured on-board is a PSoC 63 MCU which supports BLE 5.0 connectivity. Also on board are two separate mikroBUS™ interface headers that allow for hardware functionality to be expanded to hundreds of click boards available from MikroElektronika. With this development platform from Cypress, RS, and MikroE, IoT system designs based on the ultra-low-power PSoC 6 MCU can be enhanced with a number of different capabilities including GSM, GPS/GNSS, motor control, speech recognition, sensors, meters, LCD or OLED displays, and much more

The Clicker 2 for PSoC 6 will be available in March 2018, exclusively from RS-Components. In the meantime, check out the widely popular PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit (136-7817) available at RS, today.


 Access the PSoC 63 BLE MCU Datasheet here to learn more about the device featured onboard.

Join the PSoC 6 community to learn about the PSoC 6 MCU, get software, code examples, and more.

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