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Performance Issue


Dear Forum,

We face some poor performance issues with DSM (v5.0) and medium-sized step files (~60MB):

Viewing the construction works seamingless (rotation, zooming, etc), when "Hidden Line Removed" is not activated. As soon it is activated it takes about 20-30 seconds of recalculation after the view has been changed (by rotation, zooming, etc).

I noticed that during the calculation, one core of the CPU is at 100,%, the RAM is at ~50% (of 16GB, 3.5GB for DSM).

My question is: Is this something we have to live with or are there some options for improvement?

I'm not an experienced user of DSM, but I already tried to set the Rendering quality to "1 (low)", however, without any noticable effect.

We are running DSM on a Dell OptiPlex 3080 ( W10, intel i5-10400T, 3,80 GHz, Intel UHD 630, 16GB RAM)


Thanks in advance for any help!



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