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Open the door to better Access Control Systems Made Easy with EVE

Open the Door to Better Access Control Systems with EVE!

EVE is powering graphical touch displays for door access systems, and it can even integrate with external cameras too. These features provide a dedicated video screen on the console, enhancing security and convenience for the user. 
The best part? The increasing affordability and accessibility of miniature cameras and colour display panels have brought these high-end features to a wider market. 

Learn more about how EVE is transforming graphical touch displays for door access technology here:


Bridgetek supplies highly advanced ICs and board level products to meet the exacting demands of an evolving technology landscape. The company’s EVE graphic controller ICs integrate display, audio and touch onto a single chip, reducing in the time and BOM costs associated with developing next generation HMI systems. These are complemented by its highly-differentiated, speed-optimised MCUs with augmented connectivity features. For more information please visit our website