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Should Lorries be powered by Batteries or Hydrogen?


Although lorries only account for 1.5% of all vehicles on UK roads, they in fact contribute to 20% of transport emissions, which is why the government has introduced a deadline of 2040 for a ban on Diesel lorries, however, what is currently the best alternative – Batteries or Hydrogen?

There is a lot of talk about EVs being the future, but currently, they have several disadvantages over the petrol engine, namely the range, time to recharge and infrastructure, in fact, this is being talked about in this forum, so is Hydrogen the natural alternative?

Sky News has recently published an article about a Scottish company, HVS who have designed and are in trials with a Hydrogen Powered truck, which from first look solves some of the problems mentioned earlier, in that it can be refuelled in 15 to 20 minutes (which is a lot more acceptable than charging an EV) and has a range of 600Km. In contrast, an electric equivalent would currently need to be several tonnes, so impacting the load it can pull. However, creating Green Hydrogen from green electricity is much more expensive than charging an EV and we would need many more turbines (more infrastructure). 

So, is Hydrogen the way – What are your thoughts.?