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Comment réduire au maximum la maintenance des chaînes sur vos machines ?


It is recognized that regular lubrication of chains guarantees their lifespan. But it takes time, effort and money. Whether it is a choice of economy or because it is difficult or impossible to implement, the best solution is then the use of maintenance-free chains, which operate without adding oil, even in humid environment and in water.

This type of chain has different advantages: the chain works perfectly without lubrication from the start. Since no maintenance is necessary, there are no production stoppages, productivity is optimized and overall costs are reduced considerably!

Developed for the London Underground


Sedis was the first to manufacture this type of chain called “Delta® Verte®” and to file a patent. His invention dates back to the 90s following a serious fire in the London underground, due to the combustion of oil from the mechanical parts of the escalators. It therefore required an absence of lubrication to guarantee the safety of the installations and Sedis proposed the solution. Since that day, the Delta® Verte® chain has been used not only in metros but also in all types of industries because it has many benefits on productivity and overall costs.

The absence of lubrication also reduces the risks on your installations by:

  • Avoiding contamination and damage due to oil splashes,
  • Limiting the risk of fire,
  • Reducing the risk of pollution.


DELTA® VERTE® chains are composed of:

  • Metal plates and rollers in XC45 treated against corrosion
  • DELTA treated axes (SEDIS specific treatment offering very high surface hardness, even on axes with large diameters, for unequaled wear resistance)
  • Self-lubricating composite bushings allow the chain to run oil-free


You can use the channel configurator to select the right channel  or contact Sedis at to ask their technical services to define the channel best suited to your installation, and to determine whether the use of a Green chain is appropriate.

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