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Windows 11, Designspark Mechanical 6 will not start


Installed Designspark Mechanical from using Admin Rights on a windows 11(home) system

I get a message that the instalation was successful. 

Re-booted just to make sure everyine was happy

Hit the ICON and get a spinning circle for about 3 seconds and then nothing

I was going to update my Designspark PCB 8 (which continues to work fine) but decided to wait until Mechanical gets fixed.

I get no error message so I am thinking I might have a registration problem (but PCB works so...) but I am not sure how to move forward


I use Bitdefender anti-virus etc, 

I get a notification that 

     The application WebBrowse.exe attempted to connect to the Internet:

     File path: C:\Program Files (x86)\DesignSpark\DesignSpark PCB 8.1\WebBrowse.exe


     Protocol: TCP Port: HTTPS Bitdefender Firewall has granted access for this application

Any ideas would really be appreciated.




1) Uninstalled Designspark Mechanical using the windows uninstaller

2) Re-booted

3) Installed (with admin rights) DSM6_4 downloaded from the RS website

4) Instalation was supposedly successful

5) re-booted the system

6) tried to run from the Icon (with and without Admin) 

7) spinning circle for about 3 seconds and then nothing