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Installation designspark electrical V1.2 2017 SP1 64Bit


I woud like to instal designspark electrical.

During the installation, the setup remains blocked.

Someone will have an explanation for this.

Thank in advance,

Geoffrey Laurent







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June 28, 2018 12:33

Hi Geoffrey,

Can you try the following steps:

1. Leave the installer stalled/blocked
2. See if the software icon & name has appeared on your desktop.
3. Double-click the icon and see if software starts.
4. If the software starts, open task manager and go the the "Applications" tab.
5. Select the Installer Application, right-click and select "Go To Process", click "End Process"

This is from another DSE user's suggestion who faced a similar issue:

The developers will look into this, although it appears to be an isolated issue for some users.

Kind regards,
DSE Support

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