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18 Oct 2019, 15:35

Zero Drift Op Amps for increased precision

In the video below we look at the performance of standard Op Amps when compared against zero-drift Op Amps. Increased precision can be in the region of 1000x greater as Zero-drift technology focuses on the continuous correction of the offset voltage, this helps to deliver greater performance levels than those achieved with standard Op Amps.

Within this demonstration, STMicroelectronics focus on current sensing applications and show how the stability over temperature variance for zero-drift technology helps to improve greater precision and results when compared against standard Op Amps.

TSZ is available at RS.

Search TSZ at RS Components to see this range, or search STMicroelectronics to discover the full ST range.

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18 Oct 2019, 15:35


October 21, 2019 10:12

This great I am ordering them to night.
I want to thank You very much.

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