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YRPBRX62N – Renesas Promotional Board for RX62N Series Microcontrollers

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October 31, 2011 11:12

If you just want to create a single Schematic & PCB then you need to keep to the same name if you want to do integrity checks and back annotate.  If you need to use different names for the Schematic and PCB then all you need to do is create a Project: File / New and on the 'New Menu' select Project then and give it a new Project Name, let's call it Fred. Then when you open a new Schematic you are given the option to add this to an open project calling it say 'Jack' and after you translate to PCB you can give it a different name, say 'Jill'.  DesignSpark PCB will then keep these names linked within the Fred project.

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October 29, 2011 19:55

This should be forwarded to the Dev team. As far as I know, the versioning tools in DS PCB is still in its infancy, so we might hope for some development in this area :)

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October 28, 2011 15:22

Hi,when one want to create the PCB from the Schematic, he uses Tools > Translate to PCB. You may then name the PCB what ever you wish. Say the Schematic name is Mysch and you chosse Mypcb v1 as the pcb name. The PCB will be created fine.But if you edit the schematic and then use Tools > Forward Design Changes, you get an error stating that Mysch.pcb is not found. Looks like you have to name the PCB the same as the Schematic, and in the same directory. Is it a bug or a feature ?Instead of throwing an error, DS should ask for the name of the PCB file. This way you could have more than one PCB files for a Schematic file in order to explore more than one designs.

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