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Wishing to simplify my installation


Firstly some history to explain.

I am not a power user, I design, by some stanfdards, simple PCBs. I have used components that I have designed myself, like nixie tubes, and those that I have installed from Library loader. Librarys have always been the bain of my life regarding DesignSpark. Whenever I installed a new vesion, I kept the old versions and ran my designs from whichever I originally created then in. After being away for a while, I have installed V11.0.1 and obviously cannot run the legacy installations.

So finally I need to clean things up.There are other problems but, in true engineering style,1 thing at a time.

Can I copy all my library installations into 1 folder, letting windows to report when there is a duplicate file and reject the copy. Then just use that 1 folder? Or are there subtleties I am not aware of.


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