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30 Nov 2018, 8:56

Winner of the Arduino Design Challenge is?

Congratulations to

TegwynTwmffat you have just won £1000 worth of RS products

The Weedniator our winning entry

With many great entries into this design challenge, the final decision wasn't easy by any means, however, the judges settled on the Weedinator entry from TegwynTwmffat as the winner.

This winning entry is a fully autonomous weeding machine. Find out more about this project here Weedinator

Also, we would like to thank all who entered this challenge and give a notable mention to these entries below.

Trees and Plants protector from starving during summer - kartsvu  

Particulate sensor - dwilly

Arduino with motion sensing and Activated Relay - jade7272



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30 Nov 2018, 8:56


December 2, 2018 23:57

Well deserved! I would love to see you take this further. :)

December 3, 2018 11:21

@ElectricJosh Thanks for the encouragement! We're developing a computer vision system based on Nvidia Jetson TX2 at the moment to enable the plants themselves to be used as navigational aid.

December 4, 2018 08:50

@TegwynTwmffat No worries, I am planning to post a similar project about autonomous robots and computer vision so it was great to learn about your development story! That Nvidia board looks plenty capable, I would love to see how far you get with the computer vision and integrated AI differentiating different types of plants. Awesome!

December 2, 2018 23:57

Congrats Tegwyn :)