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5 Sep 2018, 12:20

Win the RS Pro Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The RS Pro RSDS1204CFL Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a 4 Channel, 200MHz scope, check it out (123-6441)

How to enter

Simply click the Contribute button and add the Pre-text (RS Pro DSO entry) within your title, then include the following

1) Tell us what you will use the Oscilloscope for. For example, how will it help in the work that you are doing or aid a project that you are working on?

2) Let us know which piece of test equipment you use most and why?

3) Include a photo of it in your entry

4) We invite the winner to give feedback on the Oscilloscope.


Please ensure you agree with the Terms and Conditions before entering.

The closing date of this competition is 9am GMT 30th November 2018

Good Luck

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5 Sep 2018, 12:20


September 24, 2018 09:31

I work in a technical service, and I use osciloscope to check pwm and control charge boards to repair hair removal machines. Sometimes I need to chech 3 signals at the same time.

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September 17, 2018 09:00

I need the scope for repair work I perform on UPSs and VSD/VFD, currently I have a two channel scope that I use for the repair work and to check the timing of the repaired equipment, it difficult to perform repairs efficiently with a two channel scope. I will also use the scope for 50W 3 phase inverter design project.

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September 6, 2018 07:40

I often need an oscilloscope at work and at home to debug UAR I2C SPI GPIO communicaiton.

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