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2 Jul 2018, 8:07

Win the RS Pro Digital Oscilloscope Entry

1) Tell us how you would put the Scope to use in your next project.
I see voltage differences between input ports on the Arduino boards I have. I will use the scope, to verify if data signals are sent correctly and that they are the exactly the same when I compare them between multiple boards. What are the voltage peaks on I2C in comparison with the Raspberry Pi, NXP FRDM and Arduino MKR1000?

2) What has been the article you liked the most in DesignSpark.

To be honest: the articles in the competitions hub. 

3) Include a photo of a project you have made or worked on.

In this image, you see my object detector. I use a Walabot (a 3D imaging sensor based on RF) to detect objects above it and with some calculations, it can do a guess what it is (based on some hardcoded objects).

Test Engineer. Love to play with embedded hardware and software.

2 Jul 2018, 8:07