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February 16, 2017 05:11


SIMATIC IOT2020は、ArduinoIDEで開発できる産業用ゲートウェイでありIoT、IIoT機器として使用することができる。

この度RSコンポーネンツはHackster.io主催のもと、Siemens、Massimo Banzi とともにIOT2020コンテストを立ち上げた。コンテストではIOT2020を使用した作品を作り、そのアイデアや創造性を競う。







I started my career in Industrial Electronics Engineering over 40 years ago, I am also a seasoned Software Architect working as a consultant with large companies and government agencies developing software for Healthcare, Online Reporting solutions and large scale high availability data management. My electronics experience is primarily in automation and control of manufacturing and the gas industry This experience has left me with a good sense of Privacy, Security and reliability from the hardware right through to the data storage in central data centers. My passion has always been electronics. I now make tutorial videos for my youtube channel thebreadboardca. ( ). I specialise in Industrial and Home Automation and Control and integration of heterogeneous systems, I love to figure out how to get all sorts of disparate things talking to each other using protocols like Modbus, MQTT etc. Getting a new product, Chip or other item, figuring out what can be done with it and then making a tutorial video is fun to me and I love to share what I learn.