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13 Mar 2018, 15:14

Win a Digilent Pmod HAT for Your Pi (For Members in APAC Only)

Enter for the chance to win a Digilent Pmod HAT! This giveaway competition only allows DesignSpark members located in the specific regions in Asia Pacific to enter.

To enter please log in and press 'Submit' below.

This competition is open to both new and existing members located in Asia Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines etc.

The competition will close at 9 am (GMT) on 6th April 2018 and three winners with correct answers will be selected. The winners will be notified in April 2018.


Prize1: stevenchen886, n26031209

Prize2: tseng, EricCheng

Prize3: 有芯度


Prize 1 (2 Winners):

Pmod HAT Adapter with Pmods Kit 1

  • Pmod HAT Adapter for Raspberry Pi  (144-8419) 
  • Pmod AD1 Dual 1Msps 12-bit ADC (134-6443) 
  • Pmod HB3 2A H-bridge Driver (134-6445) 
  • Pmod TC1 K-Type Thermocouple (134-6476) 
  • Pmod ISNS20 12-bit 20A Current Sensor (136-8069) 
  • Pmod MIC3 MEMS Microphone (134-6475) 
  • Pmod OLEDrgb OLED display (134-6481) 


Prize 2 (2 Winners):

Pmod HAT Adapter with Pmods Kit 2

  • Pmod HAT Adapter for Raspberry Pi (144-8419) 
  • Pmod OLEDrgb OLED display (134-6481) 
  • Pmod I2S Digital to Stereo Audio (136-8062) 
  • Pmod LS1 Line Follower Sensor Interface (136-8060) 
  • Pmod 8LD Eight High-brightness LED Module (134-6450) 


Prize 3 (1 Winner):

Pmod HAT Adapter


  • Pmod HAT Adapter for Raspberry Pi (144-8419) 


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Entry Form - Win a Digilent Pmod HAT for Your Pi

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13 Mar 2018, 15:14