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Win a DesignSpark pi-top Kit



During the first week of July, RS Components took over Kings Cross, in London, with our Titan II truck and representatives of our DesignSpark community at the top of Kings Boulevard in Pancras Square, with a range of exciting activities for schools and the public. 

To celebrate we also gave both new and existing DesignSpark members around the globe a chance to win an exclusive DesignSpark pi-top Kit. The kit (162-3091) , which is available exclusively from RS Components, includes everything that you need to get started with the Raspberry Pi powered laptop. 

This competition closed at 10pm (BST) on Monday 9th July 2018. 


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3 Jul 2018, 10:55


August 2, 2018 09:23

Hi Greig - did we miss the winner for this competition ? :P

August 2, 2018 09:23

Hi @Ghostkingz the lucky winner of the pi-top was twindx, thank you for your entry

August 2, 2018 09:23

@ DesignSpark - appreciate the update - Congrats TwinDx.

July 4, 2018 07:42

Copy of T&C's added as a download

July 3, 2018 09:13

been lusting after the pitop laptop for yonks especially now my laptop is dying and is held together with duct tape and hope

July 3, 2018 09:13

After signing up for a contest, the Terms & conditions are not available to read again. Can the T&C link maybe also be included within the text of the article? (or is there another place where I can read them?)

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