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Why You Should Consider Quality and Safety When Choosing a Miniature Motor Manufacturer

It's not easy selecting a provider of mini motors for your device or application. Before making a choice, there are numerous factors to consider, such as checking to see if the potential supplier has a broad range of products and technologies that will work with your requirements; verifying the accessibility of Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration; and assessing the manufacturer’s industry reputation and global presence.

One aspect that you may not be as familiar with? The supplier's commitment to safety and quality regarding their products, staff, and business practices. Because this is such a critical consideration during the decision-making process, we’re covering six related criteria that should be taken into account when screening motion suppliers:

  1. Compliance and Auditing. Verify that the prospective motion supplier is adhering to a predetermined schedule of reviews and assessments. This will help you ensure that regular, thorough audits are being conducted to confirm the quality and integrity of their products and processes.
  2. Third-Party Accountability. Quality and safety are concerns for everyone who works for or with the company, not just the employees! All individuals connected to the motion provider—whether suppliers, vendors, consultants, or contractors—should exhibit a comparable level of dedication to these guidelines, as well as should adhere to any guidelines and regulations that are required by the manufacturer.
  3. Maintaining the Focus on Employee Training. It is essential to make sure that all personnel, whether they work in an office, a remote location, or on a production line, have received the necessary training on the relevant environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations. Additionally, access to opportunities for ongoing education and training and to suitable safety and emergency gear should be made available.
  4. Accreditations for Facilities. Examine the organization's certifications for quality and safety in its operations and facilities, particularly its industrial facilities and manufacturing locations. These certifications ought to demonstrate a dedication to the previously mentioned high standards, worker welfare, and environmental friendliness. ISO certifications are an excellent example.
  5. Community Involvement. It’s not enough to be a respected supplier of motor technologies; supporting the communities within which the supplier operates showcases a dedication to giving back that all companies should demonstrate. Core values and actions matter, and it is the responsibility of the supplier to play its part in creating a better world!
  6. Sustainability Measures. Similar to community involvement is a focus on sustainability measures, which should be built into the supplier’s way of doing business. If positive, longstanding environmental and social changes are to be realized, the concept of sustainability can’t merely exist as a corporate buzzword. Instead, it must be a corporate movement, with all internal stakeholders aligned behind the goals of driving sustainability and continuous improvement across every sector of the business.

All production and business procedures at Portescap are guided by the principles of quality and safety. We take great pride in offering top-notch motion solutions that deliver dependable, high performance for some of the most crucial applications in the world, as well as live out our dedication to employee safety and business management in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner. We continue to show this by placing a strong emphasis on learning new skills and techniques in quality-related fields, as well as supporting local communities and sustainability initiatives. Employees from every department of the company undergo problem-solving training to help them become more adept at locating and removing root causes. Reliability-related tools and methods are employed with an emphasis on enhancing quality systems, lowering variability, and integrating quality into all facets of the organization.

Want to learn more about what it means to do business with Portescap? Explore those details here or reach out to us directly to discuss!

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