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Why you should choose Hirose for connectivity in harsh environments

There is a growing demand for power, signal and data to be made available just about everywhere we look – even in the most extreme types of environments. Providing reliable connectivity to work under tough conditions, such as- inside heavy machinery and industrial applications exposure to outdoor elements or even underwater is a common characteristic when looking for a connector.

One of the most common factors for potential damage in any electrical system is the environment it is in. Hirose’s JR /JR-W series are designed for extreme environments where technology is being pushed to new boundaries.

Main elements that our JR / JR-W series will protect against include:

  • Water – rain, water vapour, and water submersion.
  • Dust – industrial and outdoor environments often contain a lot of dust or dirt, which can be harmful to electrical systems.
  • Extreme temperatures – very low or high temperatures can be detrimental to technology.
  • Rough handling – some connectors need to be mated and unmated multiple times, which increases the risk of wear and tear on the connector. Connectors being dropped or dragged along hard surfaces can also cause damage to the components inside the connector and affect the integrity of power, signal or data connections being passed through them.
  • Salinity – the high salt content of water and air in harsh environments can cause corrosion. Materials used is therefore vital to ensure the maximum lifecycle of technology components used in harsh environments.

Hirose’s JR-W series waterproof range is an excellent example of IP67 and IP68 rated environmentally sealed circular connectors to protect against water intrusion and dust. The outer shell plating of black chromium protects the connector against corrosion. These secure, rugged and highly reliable connectors offer a wide choice of options from 3 to 24 contacts with solder or crimp terminations options for design flexibility. The threaded locking mechanisms ensure a secure and sealed connection.

In addition, the shape of the connector, metal shell,  thread pattern and positioning of contacts also play an important role in the creation of a truly robust and reliable connector. Hirose’s JR/JR-W connectors have insert guide keys to allow for better ease of engagement and disengagement, as well as the capacity for a wide variety of up to 26 contacts in different shell sizes.

JR/JR-W can handle up to 30A (Amps) for applications requiring higher power.

Buy now from RS Components:

(537-4750) Hirose Cable Mount Connector, 7 Pole Plug JR Series
(827-8942) Hirose Cable Mount Connector, 26 Pole Plug JR Series
(827-8936) Hirose Cable Mount Connector, 10 Pole Plug JR-W Series
(729-4186) Hirose Cable Mount Connector, 7 Pole Plug JR-W Series
(729-4198) Hirose JR-W Series Cable Mount Connector, 5 Pole Plug


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16 May 2019, 9:28