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1 Aug 2019, 14:13

Why is industry getting excited by 5G?

Industry is set to gain significantly from the deployment of 5G. Bringing cellular communications to industrial processes will allow M2M communication to become flawless, not just within the plant but across multiple facilities. I have often been asked what is it about 5G that is driving all the excitement, well rather than write, here are two videos I've found on YouTube, which hopefully explain the excitement.

In the first Professor, Dr. Detlef Zühlke of the Technology-Initiative SmartFactory KL e.V. shares his insights on 5G as an enabler of connectivity in manufacturing.

In the video below Jason Elliott 5G Market Development Manager Nokia, explains and demonstrates how 5G will be the great enabler in the automation of everything.

The possibilities for 5G seem endless, whereas 4G delivered an upscaling in individual user experience, 5G will do the same, but also many diverse and different industrial sectors will ultimately benefit too.

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1 Aug 2019, 14:13