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Where do I find IDF files?

I am working on 'Beginners Guide - DesignSpark Mechanical Training   5 Importing and I fall at the first hurdle.  I click to load a file and get this dialog.  This picture says it all.

1. I don't have the ECAD Option;

2.  I don't know where the tutor is looking for the files.


What have I done wrong?

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June 2, 2020 08:51

Sorry Rick I should have read your question properly.
The files you refer to are in the link below. They need to be 'Unzipped/Extracted' to find the files you want for the tutorial.
Right click the file (DSM tutorial - idf) and Extract all. You will find two library files with the DSM files inside along with the idf file, that you can 'Import' from the Import PCB Icon.

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[Comment was deleted]

June 2, 2020 08:52

IDF and Ecad files are from PCB design software. You do not need them in DSM.
Although you can 'Import' them from Designspark PCB, from the 'Insert' tab.

What beginners guide are you following?

The files available for DSM can be found here with their options.
File - DSM Options - File Options - ...

I noticed that you use a 3D printer so the STL files will be the ones you would need.
I think that your 3D printer needs to be calibrated properly looking at the prints that you have done. What software do you use to 'Splice' your STL files with?

I would recommend using Cura it can be configured for many 3D printers

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