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Where are all the new RF engineers? SDR to the rescue

Design, marketing and business background in semiconductors (including Texas Instruments and CSR), then co-founder and now sales and marketing director at SDRplay Ltd.


October 9, 2020 08:05

HermesLite2 video

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July 19, 2016 21:02

Mcchalum makes some good points, especially about the recent attempts to engage youngsters which the ARRL and RSGB and others are driving. Perhaps I should have referred to 'short wave listeners' rather than radio hams per se - I meet many older RF engineers who say their interest in electronics was started with a fascination for receiving ham radio, even though they may never have gone for a ham radio license.

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July 19, 2016 19:21

Rumors about the Ham Radio Hobby being moribund are simply not true. The number of new HAM licenses issued each year more than replaces the occurrence of Silent Keys for a net growth in the number of active Hams. Moreover the Ham society worldwide actively reaches out to young ones with various outreach programs including mentoring at schools, often providing the schools with equipment grants so that students may participate in exciting events such as communicating with the ISS when it passes overhead. And while Hams have already embraced the technology of SDR radio, their interest is not limited to merely receiving signals but also in transmitting them. My own SDR (self built) does both for example. More than all that though, the hobby is very often a family affair with the spouses and offspring of older Hams active as well. In the US and also in other countries, national organizations, such as the ARRL in the US, are growing and actively promoting the hobby and defending our assigned bandwidth from greedy corporations intent on acquiring all spectrum for their (town) profit making activities. I cannot even begin to speak about all the things being done by the ARRL (see but high up the list is continuing education in the mysterious arts of Radio Frequency design and use. So while your point of an aging population of RF engineers may be true (I have no way to check) this is unlikely to be the result of any lack of activity in the Ham Radio hobby. The simple truth is that enrollment in all engineering disciplines is declining and that is more likely due to the fact that engineering degrees are harder work to obtain than, for instance, business or law degrees. The even sadder fact is that many potential students have pathetic skills in math and other analytical disciplines and are therefore more inclined to pursue easier to obtain degrees just to get a degree (any degree) in the mistaken belief that ANY degree will get them a good paying job once they graduate. That's why student loan defaults are such a problem these days. Live Long and Prosper!

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July 19, 2016 08:00

Datasheet link now fixed

North American Customers can buy via our export site (Buy button now added)

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July 18, 2016 20:36

To answer some of the posted questions.....The link to the datasheet is - RS supply the RSP1 in most countries, excluding the USA, where are the distributors.

The RSP1 goes down to 10 kHz and provides up to 10 MHz visibility ( cf the Fun Cube Dongle 192 kHz bandwidth)

the RSP1 is manufactured in the UK and RS provide global logistics to enable fast delivery to most countries.

Best regards, Jon (SDRplay)

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July 18, 2016 18:59

@ electrotechie I was also interested in this.

Click the "BUY SDRPLAY - RSP1" button at the end of the article.

Navigate through to your country and you have the product overview with links to all the datasheets.

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July 18, 2016 17:39

Interesting, but old news. What about FunCube, lots of software and goes down to 150kHz., plus you don't have to get it from the USA.

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July 18, 2016 17:08

I found this item in USA at HRO. Data here:

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July 18, 2016 17:05

I cannot find "RSP1" or "SDR" by searching the USA site. Is this available only in Europe ?

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July 18, 2016 15:35

Interesting, but the link to the data sheet does not work.
You have it as ... 15b.pdf%20 but whoever runs that site immediately puts me to which is about as useless as you can get. FYI I am currently in France if that makes a difference.

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