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What's the practical application of Star Delta Transformation?

Hello everyone,

I am here with a very confusing question. I have a theoretical submission on Star Delta Transformation and I have read many topics online and have cleared my concepts but the thing is I couldn't find any practical applications of it.

I mean we use it for converting Star design to Delta but someone could refer me any of its practical application i.e. why we use it? & How to use it in complex circuits. I have just seen calculations like formulas Derivation etc. here's one example, which I like the most, What is Star Delta Transformation? but haven't seen any practical circuit solving. like multiple branches of resistances in star format and then solve it by transforming it to delta or vice versa.

Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.


March 17, 2021 11:09

This is usually used in motor starting applications switching the wiring of the three phases of the motor. This limits the in rush current to the motor by having it in a Star configuration then when the motor is almost at full speed, typically around 80%, the windings are changed to a Delta configuration. This is a low cost way of starting and protecting motors, the disadvantage is having a low current on start reduces the available torque right at the point that torque is required

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