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16 Nov 2018, 14:57

What you didn’t know about office lighting

In their current campaign, the lighting specialists at LEDVANCE have brought the fight to bad lighting with the motto "Bad light makes you angry? We’ve got a solution for that.". This deliberately sounds very striking, but it is much more than just a slogan. The campaign is based on LEDVANCE's efforts and expertise in implementing modern LED lighting tailored to the needs of office users and building operators. This is even more important because many people today spend around 90% of their time indoors, most of it in the office. The lighting requirements are correspondingly extensive, both in economic terms and in terms of lighting quality: this applies, for example, to standards on glare control, homogeneous light distribution and illuminance.

To put it simply good office lighting, i.e. the right light in the right environment, can support more concentrated, error-free and ultimately more efficient work and consequently contribute to productivity. Poor lighting, on the other hand, can dazzle and disturb employees and thus have the opposite effect. There are also other economic considerations on the employer side. Conventional lighting solutions often require a great deal of maintenance, are inefficient, require tedious installations and can, therefore, incur considerable costs. All this illustrates that good lighting should be in the best interest of every company. Modern office lighting has to offer a solution to these issues and has to be able to do more than just create enough light in the workplace. Here it is up to the installers to inform their customers about these risks and to offer suitable solutions. Because they do indeed exist!

LEDVANCE office lighting: these solutions will surprise you

LEDVANCE's new portfolio for office lighting includes LED luminaires in a wide variety of designs - from recessed panel luminaires to Linear IndiviLED pendant luminaires and downlights. Additional intelligent sensor technology and DALI versions ensure that the light is only lit where it is actually needed. Thanks to the intelligent glare control of many LEDVANCE LED luminaires, which can be recognised by a very good value of up to UGR<16, they are characterised by a high level of visual comfort.

One highlight of LEDVANCE's new office luminaire range, for example, is the Panel 600 MP LED luminaire for standard grid ceilings. This luminaire impresses with its microprismatic diffusers, which offers high visual comfort in accordance with standards at VDU (visual display unit) workstations thanks to UGR<19 and can thus support concentrated work. At the same time, the luminaire is also of economic interest to employers: in each version of Generation 2 with up to 120 lm/W and a service life of up to 60,000 hours (L80/B50), it offers very good efficiency and performance. But that's not all: the product is also available as a DALI version and LEDVANCE gives a 5-year guarantee on the TÜV and ENEC-certified panel luminaire - without any need to register!

Due to its very low UGR value (UGR<16), the Linear IndiviLED from LEDVANCE is ideal for illuminating VDU workstations. Through the intelligent combination of direct (85%) and indirect (15%) lighting, it also provides particularly pleasant light and homogeneous light distribution, both on desk surfaces and floors as well as on ceilings. It offers flexibility thanks to its availability as a DALI version with daylight and motion sensor or as variants with emergency lighting function or through-wiring - and as a pendant or ceiling luminaire. The Linear IndiviLED can make a positive contribution to employee motivation thanks to its excellent lighting performance and the sophisticated SCALE design developed by LEDVANCE itself (nominated for the German Design Award 2019). The contribution to cost savings of up to 120 lm/W is almost a matter of course for LEDVANCE. This is rounded off by TÜV and ENEC certification and a 5-year guarantee: So that you and your customers can rely on something!

LEDVANCE downlights, especially the Downlight Comfort, are just as sophisticated. The downlight family is primarily designed for basic lighting in office buildings (e.g. corridors and other building areas) and thus complements LEDVANCE's office lighting portfolio. A highlight of the Downlight Comfort: a switch is fitted to the rear of the luminaire, allowing the colour temperature (3000/4000/5700K) to be selected flexibly to suit your project. In addition, the luminaire provides high visual comfort with UGR<22 and low flicker light thanks to a special ECG (electronic control gear). In this way, a comfortable visual experience can also be achieved in many other office areas thanks to improved lighting quality. As such, comparable with modern IT infrastructure or new software solutions, good office lighting can contribute to business success.


The demands placed on modern office lighting are constantly growing with the demands of the working world on companies and employees: It should help to promote motivated work. At the same time, it should provide a high level of visual comfort while efficiently reducing costs. Of course, it must also be easy to install, require little maintenance and comply with all relevant standards, laws and directives. The new office luminaire range from LEDVANCE tackles these challenges head-on. Modern office lighting from LEDVANCE offers contemporary solutions for a wide range of office spaces. This is how lighting is done in 2018!

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16 Nov 2018, 14:57