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17 May 2018, 9:13

What Tools Can You Find In The New DesignSpark Toolbox App?

The new DesignSpark Toolbox App is packed with tools that Electronics Engineers, makers, hobbyists and designers need. Available now for Android, iOS and Windows users, don’t forget, it’s totally free to download and use!

Here is quick run-down of some of the handy design tools you will find in the DesignSpark Toolbox App. Further details about the tools and how to use them can be found within the tools themselves.

Tools at your fingertips!


You have a 3, 4, 5, 6 band resistor and you can’t figure out what the resistance and tolerance are? Or maybe you need to know the colours of a 6 band 250Kohm resistor? Enter the band colours or the value itself to work out the results. It’s all here in the app!


Either enter the capacitance value to reveal the colours or select the colours to show the value. Maybe you have a capacitor whose capacitance is revealed by decoding a series of numbers, this tool will help you crack those codes.

SMD Resistor

Surface mount resistors come in a variety of guises, their resistance revealed by decoding a series of numbers, or in the case of EIA-96 types, a number and a letter. If you are struggling to find out what your SMD is, use this tool and all will be revealed.


Inductors are similar in appearance to resistors but generally have a green or cyan base colour and feature 4-5 bands. You can enter the inductance value to reveal the band colours or enter the colour code to reveal the inductance.

Ohms Law

Voltage, resistance, current and power, the fundamentals of Ohms law, they are all here in this tool for you to adjust to your heart’s content. Just input your values into the necessary fields to get the results.


You can select from a variety of LED types and colours, enter source Voltage, LED current etc. to determine what size current limiting resistor you will need when driving a single or array of LEDs in series.

Voltage Regulator

Do you need to design a fixed voltage power supply that utilises the 78xx/79xx chips or the variable voltage LM3xx regulators? Everything you need for that job is here to help you with this handy tool.

Constant Current

LM317 Chips are the cornerstone of constant current power supply design, input your desired current or the resistor value (or both!), and this tool will show you the required power value for the resistor.


The 555 timer IC has been used in countless designs and projects the world over, simply because of the huge range of circuits it can be incorporated into. Enter the values you have or require in the Resistor/Capacitor and Time/Frequency zones and all will be revealed.


Non-inverting, inverting, summing, instrumentation and differential Op-Amp circuits? With this tool, you can calculate all the corresponding values you need right here. Select the Op-Amp circuit type you need from the selection within the tool and you are ready to go!

Number Systems

Do you need to convert your Hexidecimal into Binary, or perhaps your Decimal figures into an Octal form? There is a huge selection of base units you can convert from and to in this very handy tool.


You can select from Angle, Area, Mass, Power, Pressure and lots more as a source unit and then convert that to any number of the associated sub-units you can find. Want to convert Atmospheres to Inches of water? You’ve come to the right app!


Most electronic components come in standardised packages, that’s a layout and shape and a set of physical dimensions. From QFN to DIP, we have a whole host of package characteristics listed right here in this easy to use reference tool.

PCB Width

When calculating the width of PCB traces you need to consider if the width is capable of handling the current capacity. You can calculate the widths of Internal Stripline and Microstrip traces and get your designs up and running faster.

Microstrip Mitre

Maintaining the line impedance is an important consideration in RF circuitry design, the MIcrostrip Mitre tool helps you stay in control of your impedance when incorporating 90-degree changes in trace direction within your PCB design.

Delta Star

Do you need to convert a Delta connection to a Star connection or vice versa? This handy tool lets you calculate the transformation between Delta and Star with ease, simply select the calculation type and enter the resistor values.

Raspberry Pi

Need to know a bit more about the Raspberry Pi? We have lots of info in here from model overviews to examples of coding to get you started in the fascinating world of Raspberry Pi programming and development.


When you need to calculate the resistance, capacitance and inductance of your High-Pass, Low-Pass and Band-Pass filter circuits, then you have found the right tool. Select your filter type, enter the values and get your results, simple.


Thermistors are temperature sensitive resistors that alter their given resistance when faced with temperature changes. Negative Temperature Change (NTC) and Positive Temperature Change variants are included in the tool, select what you require and find those values in the results.


A compendium of information tables covering just about everything you are likely to stumble across, Drill sizes, IP-Ratings, Accumulators, Toroids, Battery types, it’s all here. A wealth of information is just a fingertip away, so what are you waiting for?


That’s Not All!

The DesignSpark Toolbox App isn’t just about providing a comprehensive compendium of handy engineering tools for you to use, it’s also an access point to the DesignSpark Community. Here, you can read all our latest mobile-friendly articles, ask the community a question, catch up on the latest news and so much more. You can take a look at what’s for sale in DesignSpark Marketplace, where you can buy straight from the makers themselves, or even sell items you have designed. And, let’s not forget, the DesignSpark Toolbox App gives you access to countless products that you can buy from RS Components, including RS Pro and the rapidly expanding range of DesignSpark products.

Whatever Your Device, Download the DesignSpark Toolbox App Today!


Google Play (Android): DOWNLOAD NOW 

Microsoft Store (Windows): DOWNLOAD NOW

Countless years taking things to bits to see how they Fighting the good SEO & content battle at Kempston Controls!

17 May 2018, 9:13


May 17, 2018 08:48

Looks as if this is very useful. Unfortunately play store states my device is not compatible.

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April 16, 2018 09:53

About time too!

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Glad to finally see it available for the Android platform!