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4 Mar 2019, 16:23

What makes DesignSpark Software appealing to engineers?

Apart from being free to download and use, what else is there to shout about with regards to the DesignSpark design tools. There must be more reasons why so many engineers choose to use them.

We decided to ask the team behind the tools, why they think so many engineers benefit from using free DesignSpark tools. There were a few surprises in store for us, here's what both Mark and Wojciech had to say.

Click to explore and download DesigSpark PCB and here for DesignSpark Mechanical. You can access our Support Centre to answer any questions you may have.

To get started easy to follow video tutorials are available, for DesignSpark PCB click here and for DesignSpark Mechanical click here

Also, there are extensive part libraries for PCB and Mechanical simply follow these links for more information.

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Favourite things are Family, Music and Judo. Also, I have the ability to retain and quote useless facts, something that pleases me but can annoy others. My engineering hero - Isambard Kingdom Brunel

4 Mar 2019, 16:23